Re: Changing preferred base address w/ rebase.exe has no effect...

I could be wrong, but I think that at least with w2k and forward, you
have no control over where the kernel loader decides to load your driver.

Mark Roddy
Consultant, Microsoft DDK MVP
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From: “Nate Bushman”
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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 10:02:13 -0700
Subject: [ntdev] Changing preferred base address w/ rebase.exe has no

> Why is it that, after setting my preferred base address using
> rebase.exe, the system ignores my preferred base address when it
> actually loads my driver’s image? I’ve tried several addresses that
> all
> fall within the range of addresses that the system is already using for
> other driver images and the system just seems to ignore my preferred
> setting when it loads my driver.
> The .drivers command in WinDbg shows that many of the drivers are
> loaded
> starting at 0xed000000 and another group is loaded starting around
> 0xf8000000. I’ve tried preferred base addresses such as 0xeded0000,
> 0xf0000000 and 0xfa110000 with no effect.
> Is there a range preferred base addresses (for non-Microsoft drivers)
> that the system will accept?
> If you’re wondering why I’m even bothering, well, I’d like to set up a
> tech support procedure where, when bug checks occur that provide the
> address of instructions that cause problems, our tech support people
> can
> follow a simple routine that involves looking up some info in the .MAP
> file and doing a few calculations that determine the line of code that
> caused the problem. It often seems to be the case that customers
> haven’t configured their machines to generate crash dump files and the
> only information they can provide to us is the bug check code and the
> four parameters. I’m trying to maximize the benefit of this limited
> info. Using the MAP file is good way to do this, but it’s only really
> effective if your image is loaded at a base address that you’ve
> defined.
> Nate
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