Re: [changed to] Why stability is secondary to- some companies

>First, if a company is that

concerned about short term profitability to the point they deteriorate
their long term viability, market forces are going to take care of that
company fairly quickly.

Everybody does remember how in I believe NT 3.51, the Workstation license
changed (from NT 3.5) to disallow you from having more than 10 inbound
network connections. A web server product I was working on at the time
suddenly became illegal to use unless you forked over significantly more
bucks for NT Server. As a developer, I was rather pissed off at Microsoft’s
desire to force people to pay more. As a result, I personally stopped using
Windows as an Internet server, and jumped to Linux, a change which now
almost 5 years later I don’t regret. My guess is I’m not the only person
they pissed of by making arbitrary license changes, which were clearly
designed to increase their short term revenue. And if I’m not mistaken,
market forces over the last 5 years have brought serious pressure to bear
on Microsoft.

  • Jan

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