Re: Can my filter driver attach to \\Device\Mup??

> If you want to specify explicit credentials - then you must

open the share
with FILE_CREATE_TREE_CONNECTION and place the credentials to
the file EAs.
Sorry, I don’t know the details of credential EA format -
maybe somebody
here knows this?

They’re an array of FILE_FULL_EA_INFORMATION structs. Do a “net use
\server\ipc$ /user:foo\bar *” then enter a password at the prompt.
Look at the resultant IRP_MJ_CREATE, specifically, look at the
irp.associatedIrp.systemBuffer and you’ll see “foo” and “bar” and the
password you typed all in unicode. For some reason the respective EaName’s
for each of these are in acsii. You’ll also see an EaName called “Type”.
Don’t alter this value because it specifies the type of the remote resource
(eg., disk, printer or wildcard).