Re: Can my filter driver attach to \\Device\Mup??

> (2) Is there a way I can use \Device\LanmanRedirector without

first mapping the server to a drive letter?? For example,
can I access the server share using something like:

Yes, you can. The path is:
The only problem will be in specifying the username/password to the server.
By default, RDR will use your current NT username/password to logon to the
If you want to specify explicit credentials - then you must open the share
with FILE_CREATE_TREE_CONNECTION and place the credentials to the file EAs.
Sorry, I don’t know the details of credential EA format - maybe somebody
here knows this?

(3) I don’t think I can use STATUS_REPARSE. Reason being in some
cases after I redirected the request to one server, I want to
redirect the request again to another server if that first one
failed. If I use STATUS_REPARSE, I would never get the result
status of the first redirected request. Am I right??

Yes, there must be some other way in this case.