Re: Can my filter driver attach to \\Device\Mup??

> I am trying to write a filter driver which redirect file requests

from one server to another server. For example, if someone want to
open file \server-A\share\file-A.txt , then I want to automatically
the request to server-B instead. What Target Device should I attach my
filter to?? I tried to get the device for \Device\Mup but it failed with
STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION. What does that mean??

This is the wrong way.
The command:
net use z: \server\share

  • creates a symbolic link in the form of
    So, accesing such a mapped drive letter will bypass MUP.

Filter \Device\LanmanRedirector, update paths in the file objects on CREATE
and return STATUS_REPARSE - this is a correct way.