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If the drives are not spinning, they may need a START_UNIT command thrown their
way. Of course, if you can’t actually “see” the devices on the bus, this is
unlikely to help.


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This brings up something else ‘interesting’ I just ran into again.

I have an Agilent Tachyon HBA with a JBOD with 4 drives attached to it.
Sometimes the 4 drives disappear. I can not make them reappear with any
IOCTLs or even by disabling/re-enabling the HBA. As an ultimate rescue I
have to disconnect the cable and reconnect it. Only then will the drives
show up. It takes quite a while for this to complete and I can hear the
drives spin up one by one.

Does anyone here have a bullit proof method to get the drives attached to an
HBA to show up? There is no switch involved in this case, just a directly
attached loop.

I’m using an HHBA-512x PCI with drivers. I’ve only seen this on the
Agilent cards so far, Qlogic ones can be reset by disabling and re-enabling.

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