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> The way to sell more computers is to make them more stable.

I don’t know about this, Peter. After I installed a Win2K Beta on my NT SP 6 machine,
and then later found that MS provided me no path to reinstall NT (since you needed
to use the SP1 disk which didn’t understand the new NTFS format) without trashing the
filesystem, I resolved to never put new things on computers I cared about. I had only trashed
NT, not the entire filesystem, but I had about 30 steps to go through to restore this
machine (many of which were install => reboot, install SP =>reboot).
So now I’ll buy a new computer whenever I want to really use a new OS (one where the vendor has tested the entire
package with the OS, and I have one CD with all the drivers). If I can buy an external feature, such as a NAT box, rather than
software, I’ll do that.

So for me, the fear of losing a day or two to recover from some problem makes me buy more hardware.
If the software all worked flawlessly, I’d be much less likely to buy all this hardware.

It would be nice if there was an effective market mechanism to punish those that
cause the stability problems, but right now there is only a weak correlation between
quality and market share. Eventually we’ll see something like what happened in the
auto industry, where (lack of) reliability became an impediment to sales. Perhaps
we’ll even reach a stage in the distant future where there will be money-back
warantees on software, instead of toll charges.


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