Re: Accessing the configuration space of attached PCI devices wrote:

So really, what you are supposed to do is get information about devices
from the user-mode SetupDi and CM_ functions. Device IDs and vendor
IDs are encoded in hardware IDs, which are accessible. BARs are
encoded in resources. ROMBARs are in the resources in the very rare
case that they are enabled.

I need to be able to read (dump) the “option” ROM in all PCI devices
attached to the system.

How does one identify a ROMBAR in the resource list? Looking at cfgmgr32 I
can’t see any ResType_* that would identify a ROMBAR?!?

Even if I could identify a ROMBAR from user space, am I going to be able
to read it from user space? Or will I need to pass the details to a driver
and map it from there?


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