Re[2]: Write Through Paging Write past EOF

While these fields in the FSRTL Advanced header are updated by the
underlying FS, there are no guarantees when these fields are going to be
updated. Within NTFS, there are several situations where these fields
are not updated when you would expect them to be, particularly with
transactional requests.


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>Hi Rod,
>No, this is not a MFT resident file. EOF (FCB->FileSize) gets updated
>to the correct value at the end of the cache write.
>The FAT and NTFS call stacks are exactly the same, CcFlushCache
>initiated by CcCopyWriteEx.
>The difference in behaviour is FAT updates FileSize before calling
>CcCopyWriteEx, whereas NTFS does not.
>I thought that FCB->FileSize was what all file systems use to track
>EOF, but it seems I cannot make that assumption anymore.
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