Re[2]: WHQL\ HLK testing on Server 2016

Right, I read you message but there are hundreds of tests within each of
these categories you mention. I do recall an OpLock failure they
mentioned at the last IFS Plugfest but I could be conflating other items
they mentioned. The other 2 failures seem to be either something your
filter is dong to later the underlying response from the file system, I
would guess.

One way I determine if it is something with the test suite or not is to
make my target filter completely pass-through, or just not register for
any callbacks. Then run the test suite and if it passes, it is something
you are affecting on the system.


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>As you can see in my first message, Installable File System Filter
>Test, File IO and Oplocks tests are failing ONLY on Server 2016.
>The FS Filter test fails because it’s expecting a different error code
>than is returned when buffer length < header size.
>File IO test fails when getting volume information in refs.
>Oplocks test fails because it can’t break the oplocks after they are
>It seems to me that these are not due to my driver but the tests not
>being updated for Server 2016.
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