Re[2]: Re[2]: is PEPROCESS unique for a process if in kernel?

Yes, you can locate the EPROCESS structure using that API. But my point
is why do that? Just use the process id for lookups, don’t bother with


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>Sorry for posting twice :(.
>Thanks Pete and Maxim,
>Yes I do have a linked list which stores process id and if open calls’s
>process id matches then I do my work . However, I found out that in
>some scenario, Parent opens up File object, but IOs are received from
>actual process id I got in notification. So I miss the Open part hence
>can hook onto IOs. ( Same as pointed out by Maxim)
>Exact scenario .
>I hook onto a.exe and save its process id. It’s parent is b.exe.
>Normally open and IO both are from a.exe but in some scenario, Open
>comes from b.exe and IO comes from a.exe. My whole logic is based on
>detecting a.exe’s process id.
>Pete, I agree to your point but if I use PsLookupProcessByProcessId on
>process notification for child process id and save it along with
>process id. then Is it fine to compare PEPROCESS?
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Be aware that the parent and creator may be different. The callback runs in the context of the creator that may not be the parent process.

An AVL tree is an interesting solution for collecting data concerning processes as the ID is a good candidate for node comparison