Re[2]: MiniFilter redirection without STATUS_REPARSE. Is it possible?

There are several reasons why a STATUS_REPARSE would not get redirected.
It could be due to a kernel mode module performing an open on the file.
None of the standard APIs to open a file, such as FltCreateFile(), can
propagate the reparse information to the caller. There are several other
issues with STATUS_REPARSE and Alex has some great blog entries covering
the details of them in his blog, the first entry being

There are no samples for a layered file system. As I mentioned, you can
search for the shadow file object term in this forum and come up with
many hits.


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>Hi Peter, thank you for answering.
>a) Do you know, some hint, why sometimes returning STATUS_REPARSE does
>not trigger reissuing the request? Some calls have the
>others doesn’t. I cannot figure out some pattern.
>b) Is there some starting sample I can watch to begin a research?
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Hi Peter,

Yes I was watching Alex’s blog before asking here although I couldn’t find information related to this issue. Basically the first STATUS_REPARSE is returned when the low integrity WinWord does a GetFileAttributes.

I’ll follow your tip about shadow file objects.

Thank you very much,