Quotas on 4.0

Hi everybody,

A while ago, I posted a message about a strange error we are getting on
a CreateFileMapping(), returning:

ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA: Not enough quota is available to process this

(NT 4.0 Server, SP6a)

I did not get any suggestion yet, but the customer noticed that Task
Manager is reporting that spoolss had 115,724 handles allocated (that’s
bad!) and we are certainly going to pursue that, but I am wondering if
this is what is making NT going so weird (the quota error, and, at some
point, some tray application from Intel blowing up; starting a new app
said user32.dll was not there, the machine crawls,… all cured by a NT

I am telling the customer it is time to reload NT and to remove all the
‘nice tools’ they have loaded on it for the last few years…

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.