I have written a program for myself to help with debugging. The program is
basically a collection of the most commonly used features of the most
commonly used debugging tools on NT. This tool is not a replacement, but
rather a supplement when you don’t need all the hard-core features of a
specific tool. For example, you don’t want to spy windows you just want a
window list. The tool is in Alpha version (and free obviously) and I just
added the tool bar. The toolbar does not have input validation and as such
if you use it you should not enter invalid characters (spaces, etc.) as it
will still calculate a number based on that and it won’t be the same one
you wanted. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate group to get feedback
and testing from.

There is an RTF file in the install directory which describes all the
options and the intended goals of the software.

The install:

Sample Picture:

It does: Get last error lookup, NT status lookup, Window message lookup,
Process list, dll list, driver list, network connections list & with PID
for XP/2003, handle list, symbolic link list, window list and command
lines. The main program is only 22k and takes up approx. 305k initial
pagefile (more as you use it obviously). The DLL is only loaded when you
have the toolbar option set and is 87k. Even so, there is very little code
it’s mostly just a large discardable string table that shouldn’t be memory
resident that contains the NT Status and window messages list.

If you’re not interested, just ignore this email.