Query related Generic Driver for Process Events Notification [WHQL Certifications]

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I have developed a generic kernel drier to receive various callbacks using PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine and other callbacks etc.
This driver is based on SCM installations interface instead of INF based approach.

I have question on the WHQL certification requirements for the this driver, Do I need to do WHQL certification for the generic kernel driver under unclassified category of WHQL?

My initial assessment says that I don’t have to do WHQL cert or logo test for this kind of generic kernel driver which is NON-INF based and also not necessarily attached to any device (virtual or otherwise) but just want to reconfirm the same. Self signed cert should do the work and target machines are primarily server OSs (2003) or greater.

Please help me to understand this so that I can take the best technical approach to solve this.

Appreciate the quick response on this.


Do I need to do WHQL certification

Nobody needs to do WHQL certification just to get their driver to work on Windows, if that’s what you’re asking. Nobody, not ever.

Now, you may have a product or market requirement that necessitates passing WHQL… it that’s up to you and your product team.