Q: Loading an NDIS intermediate driver dynamically

Hi, everybody!

I’m kind’a new to this list, and I have a question
regarding intermediate drivers:

I’d like to know if (and how) I can load an intermediate NDIS driver
AFTER the upper-level driver has already been loaded and binded.

In other words - I want to build a kind of a firewall (if possible,
based on the IMSamp in the DDK), but I want it to be loaded by user
demand. Please note that rebooting the machine is out of the question,
even during installation, so I cannot “load it always” and only
start filtering after getting an ioctl…
(although disconnection for a few seconds is bearable).

In other words: I want to, programmatically, put my driver
between the MAC driver and the TCP stack (disconnect their bindings,
put myself and restore bindings).

Is it possible? Can you give me some hints on how to do it?


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