Property page for avstream driver in graphedit

I’m trying to get a property page to display for an encoder avstream minidriver that implements ENCAPIPARAM_xxx property sets as described here -

According to the page, “If you access the encoder filter’s property page by right-clicking on the filter in a tool such as GraphEdit, you will see the Bit Rate slider bar where these values are used.”

When I do this, all I get is “the requested property page could not be displayed”. Any idea how to go about this? I don’t need any custom properties yet - just the ones defined by M$.

Scratch my question - I stumbled upon a solution soon after I submitted this. I’ll leave the solution here in case someone has the same trouble.

From this page -

The following post solved my problem:

You must register the graphedit DLL.

GraphEdit Property Page Issue

For any who are having issues with the newer DXDSK showing property pages with GraphEdit you must register the proppage.dll first.

Find the proppage.dll and register it.

regsvr32 \dxsdk_feb2005_extras\extras\Extras\DirectShow\Utilities\proppage.dll

Now the graph property pages should work fine.