Problem with Windows 10 WinDbg First Time Setup Using Local Network

I am using two Dell Latitude PC’s running Windows 10 Using a Local Ethernet Network with a Hub. I’m trying to get WinDbg to connect for the First Time to the Target PC. When I run WinDbg on My Host Computer (Windows 10 Professional) it stays in the state of “Waiting to Reconnect”. When I reboot the Target PC (Windows 10 Home) it show the PC has been reconfigured to use Test Mode Windows Home. The Host WinDbg does not connect and there are no error’s when I restart (shutdown -r -t 0) the Target PC. I confirmed the Port (50030) is actively waiting for a connection on the Host. The Target is not Connecting or trying to connect to the Host upon Reboot. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I haven’t been here for a while…

I’d be very happy to help, but you’re not giving us any information. First, if you’re still even attempting to follow this and haven’t fixed the problem, can you confirm you’ve followed all the steps for setting up a remote connection described here.

If you HAVE, then can you show us the output of BCDEDIT (to confirm the system has debugging enabled) and BCDEDIT /DBGSETTINGS (to confirm that you have the Debug Settings correct). Also, please show us the Debugger (Host) system IP address and WinDbg config.