Problem with the NPCancelConnection implemented in Network- provider DLL not called by WNetCanc


I am facing prblem with my File system driver and Network Provider DLL on
Win 2000.
In the DriverEntry function i Create a named device object representing the
file system driver

IoCreateDevice(DriverObject, 0, &deviceName, FILE_DEVICE_DISK_FILE_SYSTEM
,0 , FALSE, &deviceObject);
My FSD is a network redirector which access remote file server.My file
system driver should enable file sharing accross LanMan.

In my network provider DLL i implement NPAddConnection3 and
NPCancelConnection functions.
In NPAddConnection i use
In NPCancelConnection i call DefineDosDevice(DDD_REMOVE_DEFINITION, Name,

In my application program if is use WNetAddConnection2 to create a mapped
drive.It works
But when i want to unmap drive using WNetCancelConnectionA (szLocalA,
CONNECT_UPDATE_PROFILE, TRUE).The function fails with error 0X08CA.“The
network conection could not be found”.
The WNetCancelConnection call dosn’t finally invoke my Provider DLL
function NPCancelConnection.

This works well under WIN NT 4.0 but fails under WIn 2000.

Your help is urgently required.

Tarun Rathor,
Software Engineer/Design,
IBM India Software Labs,
Pune - INDIA

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