Problem with Banding

Hai All,
The image banding in not active for lower resolutions i.e. 150 DPI or less. It is active for 300 DPI and above,but i get only one band of data for whatever data
i give for printing.
OEMNextBand() is called only once for one or more physical pages of
data i give for printing.
I am capturing the image in ImageProcessing( ) method and this method
is also called only once. I am setting ppbResult value to TRUE at the
end of ImageProcessing().

Is there any setting to be done in my GPD file? or
I shoud do some changes my rendering plug-in?
I am not at all processing any Printer Commands in My GPD File as I don’t have any physical printer
Should I Process any commands in my GPD to achieve Higher Resolution?
Any suggestions would help me?
Thanks in Advance,

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