Printer driver Problem - Unidriver Reboots PC..

We are writing a PCL Printer driver, it uses the Microsoft Unidriver,
recently we added HP-GL/2 support for the driver.
The PC reboots when I try to print some documents, this does not happen for
every document, but it happens for some Power point files. We have a
rendering plugin for the driver, when the rendering plugin is removed by
modifying the “driver.ini” file the same document prints fine. The rendering
plugin is taken from the XP DDK sample.
In any case why should the PC reboot ?, the driver is supposed to work in
the User mode, if there is a problem with the driver spooler should crash,
or in the worst case I should get a blue screen, but the PC rebooting is
very dangerous.

A triple fault will cause a reboot with no BSOD. Stepping on the virtual
addressing mechanism (eg, messing up CR3 or page tables) is one way of
doing that. It’s possible for an OS to protect itself against even that
(at least to the extend of doing BSOD or the like), but WinXX was not so
designed (probably for good and sufficient reasons, although the result
sometimes pains me personally).

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James Antognini