Prevent System Restore on external storage on XP

Hello all,

Due to the fact that, on Windows XP, the System Restore functionality is automatically set on external storage, I have some problems with sr.sys creating “System Volume Information” folder on devices of my interest.

Basically, I’m mostly bothered with the lost free space on the device, but also with some of my files being backed up without my consent (I have a legacy “FSFilter Content Screener” device which is attached below above sr.sys, hence I don’t see its I/O).

I know how to disable the System Restore functionality, on my specific device, via UI settings, but I couldn’t find a way to do so via the registry or programatically (there are many suggestions on the web, but none of them work. Obviously, I don’t want to turn off the feature completely or on other devices).

Perhaps someone knows how to disable it programatically? Perhaps some IOCTL/property I can filter (besides reporting the device as a non-removable device) or explicitly request sr.sys to leave me alone?

Thanks in advance,