Prevent screen capturing


I’m researching ability to prevent screen capturing under Windows platforms (OK, not on all but at least on XP-based). I found article at . If you have a couple of minutes, could you please take a look to the last paragraph of ?Preventing the Screen Capture? chapter?

Gopalakrishna Palem says: ??there is one other solution, though. It is surprisingly simple, easy to implement and yet reliable. Based on the Windows core system services feature, it is not quite related to screen capture or prevention as such, but nonetheless is a good technique to achieve best results for preventing screen captures. If you tradeoff the conventional workflow with a little bit different style of working, you get kernel mode video driver level of security just with a simple user mode API from a simple ordinary service. That technique is rather unconventional and is quite beyond the scope of this article.?

Do you know what does this guy mean? What is the ?Windows core system services? he mentioned about? I’ve tried to contact him and find any references on Google/Bing but without luck.Perhaps he was referring to some kind of filter driver? What do you think?


> I’m researching ability to prevent screen capturing under Windows platforms

It will be far simpler to map away the PrtScn button in the registry. Research [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout], often mentioned in the context of re-mapping the Caps Lock key.

You have, of course, prevented the users from gaining Administrator privileges to install any other screen grabbing software, and put black tape over their camera phones.

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CreateDesktop() with an ACL that doesn’t give rights to the untrusted processes. ALso, IIRC, in Vista+ processes with lower integrity can’t grab window of processes with higher integrity levels.