Porting Your Driver to 64-Bit Windows

Is your driver 64-bit ready?

Are you sure?

You might want to take a look at “Porting Your Driver to 64-Bit
Windows,” which can now be viewed online or downloaded from:


Diane Olsen
Programmer/Writer, IFS Kit

>Is your driver 64-bit ready?

My guess is the amount of revenue over the next year most of us will miss
if our driver is not 64-bit ready is close to zero, as the percentage of
the installed base will also be close to zero. As a result, it’s pretty
hard to cost justify any 64-bit work anytime soon. There is also zero
evidence to suggest W2K will even be a popular OS on 64-bit Intel
processors. Getting a new processor architecture to take hold takes YEARS,
and history has suggested Windows is only popular on the high volume x86

Looking back, I’m extremely glad I never invested a penny in Windows Alpha
machines, which would now be expensive paperweights.

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