PnP installation question

I am doing a command line program that installs my PnP drivers. I use the
standard API call “UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices” for the installation
of the drivers. I am trying to do this during startup of the operating
system (I’m using the “runonce” key, which calls this program to install my
PnP drivers). The install program is an exact copy of the one out of the
2000 DDK. I have a virtual PnP bus driver that enumerates three other PnP
drivers. The biggest pain that I am running into right now, is the damn
hardware wizard is crapping all over the window with his “I found new
hardware” or on some occasion “I finished installing your device” windows.
I need to get rid of these windows because the user can reboot the machine
from these windows before my install app can finish. I saw in the device
capabilities of my bus driver that there is a Silent_Install parameter. I
am currently setting this parameter to TRUE. Is this correct? If not, then
what can I do to get rid of the hardware wizard spitting windows up all over
the screen.


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