PnP device problem

I’m developing a NDIS filter driver for w2k. It filters just one adapter.
Sometimes during development I make a bug (bad result of some OID for
example) NDIS halts my adapter and unloads driver as a result. The device
has DN_PRIVATE_PROBLEM flag set in status (CM_Get_DevNode_Status) and device
manager displays following:

This device is no longer functioning properly and may need to be replaced.
Contact the manufacturer of this device for assistance.

You need to restart your computer before the changes you made to this device
will take affect.

Is there any way how to reset device status without rebooting? When I change
device state in device manager, it forces me to reboot (PnP?!). When I tried
to do it using CM* and SetupDi* functions the result was OK but the device
state was unchanged and system didn’t try to start my driver again. Yes, I
can reinstall my driver but I’d like to know if some better method exists
(reboot is even worse than reinstall).


Best regards,

Michal Vodicka
(RKK - Skytale)
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