Pinging only when Ethereal is in Promiscuous mode

Hi All!
I am developing a WLAN miniport driver that basically has an NDIS upper
edge, and a WDM lower edge.
Connection to the AccessPoint is done but i am unable to ping it.
When i switch on the Ethreal in Promiscuous mode it starts pinging.
Ping stops when i start the Ethereal in nonPromiscuous mode.
Basically ping is working only in pormiscous mode in my case.
The value returned for OID_GEN_CURRENT_PACKET_FILTER is 0x0b before
switching the Ethereal in promiscuous mode.
After switching the Ethereal in Promiscuous mode the the value is
changing to 0x2b which is working.

Can any one suggest me the solution for this.

-Thanks in Advance


See if the hardware is programmed with correct MAC address in case of non-promiscuous mode. If not they might drop the packets.