Partner Center issues - and MS support?


When you had issues with Microsoft’s Partner Center (not just for Hardware submissions, but in general), did you ever solve them? Did MS support ever provide a resolution?
I am currently running this process for two companies, had two unrelated issues, and … it is as if it is easier to just ditch everything and register a new account, with new EV cert and everything…

Just so I know what to focus my energy on… TIA.

Regards, Dejan.

Well, that’s not a very easy question to answer. Asking if we’ve “had issued with Microsoft’ Partner Center” that got solved, encompasses a whole lot of stuff. From the Microsoft Partner Network, to Collaborate, to the device/driver analytics.

We here at OSR have had tons of problems of the years with the Partner Center. They have all, eventually, gotten “solved” in quotes… somehow and somewhat.

In the process, I wound up having two identical sets of dashboard credentials… and somehow our SQA Lead wound up being listed as the admin for (at least one of) our accounts.

So… I’m not sure what to say: Is it screwed-up? Yes. Have we gotten things to a place where we can make them work without too much pain for everyday tasks? Yes. Did we have to rely on emails to/from a whole host of folks that we had no idea who they were or why they were involved to get things to this point? Yes we did.

I bet that’s no help to you at all Dejan, right? What can I say??

Actually, that pretty much answers my question! Thanks.

Well, I’m happy that I could help, then!