Parallel Port Issues

Is anyone else still using any genuine parallel port devices? I have a
20-year-old HP Laserjet 5L connected to my main development machine,
because (a) it still works, (b) it’s nice to have a local printer rather
for quick things rather than running down to the server room all the
time, and (c) its paper path is better for labels than our big network

After the Windows 10 1511 update this week, I can no longer print to
it. I assumed that it had finally succumbed to electron erosion, but a
quick scan of the interwebs shows that I am not alone. Apparently, NO
ONE can print to parallel port devices with 1511. Based on their
advice, I disabled and re-enabled the parallel port, and lo and behold
the printer is working again.

Has this bitten anyone else?

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.