Page fault after dispatch hookroutine returned

Hi all
My filter driver conflicts with antivirus program, I guess.
It has no problem alone.
I’m using IoBuildSynchronousFsdRequest to read some data in Create
Completion routine, and it return success.
but after return dispatch routine, page fault occurs, and then reboot.
I have used IoSetTopLevelirp, but I doesn’t work.

Page Fault (0EH) Fault = 0000

stack is

ntoskrnl! KeSetEvent + 0049
ntoskrnl! IoPnPDeliverServicePowerNotification + 3092
ntoskrnl! KiDeliverApc + 007c
HAL! HalClearSoftwareInterrupt + 0320
BCHKD! _LTEST + 05c2

What’s wrong?
Could anybody give me any advise?