OT -- New version of Windows Internals book and / or Pavel's book

Could someone please give some insight about –

  1. If the version 7 of windows internals books have new changes worth finding ? I’ve the v 6
  2. Any of the fairly new books by Pavel’s do have more informations ?

Is there a new version of the Windows Internals book or any recent releases by Pavel that I should be aware of? Seeking recommendations and insights from those in the know.

The latest version is from 2017 (Windows 10). Which component changes in modern Windows 11 are you interested in?

Read carefully. I am not the author of the original question, I am asking what changes the author is interested in learning about. I myself would love to tell about the changes in the Windows 11 kernel – they are not documented in the Windows Internals book (as are many of the new features in Windows 10).

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