OT: C++ religious war (was Re: C++ and WDF)

Don Burn wrote:
> Show me a real study. I have heard this claim before, but never

No one in academia actually cares about C++ any more (assuming they ever
did), and they never really cared about C much more than a couple of
years after it came out, so it’s quite hard to find something like this.

However, there are numerous studies indicating that
object-oriented-programming methodologies allow for more complex systems
and easier maintenance than procedural programming methodologies. You
can believe they were valid or not (mostly this devolves back to
religion), but they’re definitely there.

Of course, you can write object oriented code in *any* programming
language. As Max pithily points out, all you’re saving by using C++ is

Now… it’s rather a *lot* of typing, but it *is* just typing (in as
much as all fully recursive programming languages are Turing complete, I
suppose that’s inevitable).

Just as one example: there’s absolutely nothing you can do with a
templatized type-safe container class (at run time… no generic
programming now :slight_smile: that you can’t do with N separate copies of the same
code written to be strongly typed in C. Well… except for maintain it,
I guess.

And there’s certainly nothing stopping you from implementing virtual
function tables by hand in C… Well, except for common sense, I guess.

seen any real data to back it up. I personally am not against C++, I was
even involved in the standard! But the claims that something is better,
need to be based on real values just religion.


“Tim Roberts” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev…
>> Maxim S. Shatskih wrote:
>>> This means: designing the C++ code is more complex then C code. So,
>>> C++
>>> adds complexity and not reduces it.
>> That’s just not accurate. The organizational features of C++
>> (specifically, encapsulation, abstraction and inheritance) allow you to
>> write and maintain more complicated applications than C with the same
>> number of bodies, but solving a given problem in C++ is not more
>> complicated than solving the same problem in C.
>> However, I clearly understand that this is a religious issue. I don’t
>> think anybody will be changing anyone else’s opinions in this forum.
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