OSR search tool (thunderstone)


a question related to the search tool (thunderstone based): I’d like to do a search using regular expressions

Reading http://www.thunderstone.com/texis/site/pages/regexp.html I tried to prepend ‘/’ to the regular expression…anyway it seems does not work

Can you help me ? thanks

Nope. Can’t help you.

The indexing system we use on OSR Online is about ten years old. At this point, it works the way it works and that’s all.

You might have noticed that it frequently “loses its mind” and declares us in violation of our license due to too many hits… which is blatantly incorrect. It wakes up and corrects itself periodically.

OSR’s web presence is scheduled to undergo a dramatic transformation this calendar year. I will be surprised if we end-up using the same indexing method when we’re done.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful,