This code should invalidate the cached partition table and re-enumerate the
device so that this operation is used in synchronizing the system view of
the specified disk device when the partition table of the disk is directly

I have two hard disks, disk 0 and 1. F drive is on disk 1. I tried two

  1. \.\F <file:> :
    2) \\.\PhysicalDrive1
    Using Createfile to get the handle, I call the
    bResult = DeviceIoControl(hDevice, // handle to device


    NULL, // lpInBuffer

    0, // nInBufferSize

    NULL, // lpOutBuffer

    0, // nOutBufferSize

    &returnLength, // lpBytesReturned


    In the first case, I get error of wrong parameters. In the second case, I
    succeeded partially. Although I directly updated the meta data of F drive,
    the file explore of WinXP didn’t see that change. That means the cached
    partition talbe on F drive didn’t update.

    If that method didn’t work, can I use oplock level 2 to do so in the kernel
    mode via a file filter? According to the doc of oplock level 2, it should

    Appreciate any help.


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