Offline folders vs. filter drivers.

Hi, all

Does anyone has experiences with filtering
offline files ? Currently if I attach my filter to
network drive and try to make a folder available
offline, the process fails ith an error "Error accessing
\Server\share\OfflineFolder\OfflineFile.doc. The parameter
is invalid.

This error occurs even if the offline files are not
changed by the filter (but the filter is still attached to
network drive)

I tried to diagnose the problem, and from stack traces
(one of them is at the end of mail). It seems that the synchronization
process is veri difficult thing (lots of recursions there,
I/O operation on one file calls I/O requests on another
file etc.)

Does anyone know what to check or point me a tip
what is the wrong thing which the synchronizer
may complain to ?

* Here is the stack listing

FrameEBP RetEIP Syms Symbol
F0E8B49C 804EAD77 Y MyFilter!MyFilterFsdDispatch+02E4
(IRP_MJ_CREATE of \Server\share\OfflineFolder\OfflineFile.doc)
F0E8B4B0 80577F9C Y ntoskrnl!@IopfCallDriver+0027
F0E8B58C 8056A86C Y ntoskrnl!_IopParseDevice+052E
F0E8B614 8056EC63 Y ntoskrnl!_ObpLookupObjectName+023A
F0E8B668 80578477 Y ntoskrnl!_ObOpenObjectByName+00DB
F0E8B6E4 80578546 Y ntoskrnl!_IopCreateFile+01CA
F0E8B740 8057867C Y ntoskrnl!_IoCreateFile+004F
F0E8B780 804E606B Y ntoskrnl!_NtCreateFile+0030
F0E8B7B4 804E3FB9 Y ntoskrnl!_KiFastCallEntry+00FC
F0E8B828 F0FCC45B Y ntoskrnl!_ZwCreateFile+0011
F0E8B8D0 F0FA59E3 Y mrxsmb!_MRxSmbCscIoctlOpenForCopyChunk+0190
F0E8BA0C F0FA538B Y mrxsmb!_GetLastErrorLocal+03BC
F0E8BA44 F0FF603F Y mrxsmb!_ValidateShadowInfo+00A4
F0E8BA5C F0FF61A6 Y rdbss!_RxXXXControlFileCallthru+0059
F0E8BA6C F0FE3D51 Y rdbss!_RxCommonDevFCBCleanup+0089
F0E8BB04 F0FEDD47 Y rdbss!_RxFsdCommonDispatch+01DA
F0E8BB2C F0F97A1B Y rdbss!_RxFsdDispatch+009A
F0E8BB4C 804EAD77 Y mrxsmb!_MRxSmbFsdDispatch+008E
F0E8BB88 F99EAF20 Y ntoskrnl!@IopfCallDriver+0027
F0E8BC34 804EAD77 Y MyFilter!$L22174+001F
F0E8BC48 805719AB Y ntoskrnl!@IopfCallDriver+0027
F0E8BC58 805849F7 Y ntoskrnl!_IopSynchronousServiceTail+005A
F0E8BD00 80586BFA Y ntoskrnl!_IopXxxControlFile+0220
F0E8BD34 804E606B Y ntoskrnl!_NtDeviceIoControlFile+002A
F0E8BD64 7C90EB94 Y ntoskrnl!_KiFastCallEntry+00FC