OFF topic IIS 5.0 remote machines have problems connection to www service , but not ftp service

Hi all,

I am in the process of setting up iss5.0 as supplied with
win2k professional to work with a dial up 56k modem connection.

The ISP I am using allows free telephone calls, but disconnect you after 2h
on line or five minutes idle time.

My ISP dynamically allocates an IP address and as a result I use software
from tzo.ccom to give me a fixed address.
i.e. dynamic to fixed IP address conversion / dns entry

Zone Alarm is also installed on the server and I allowed ftp and IIS service
server status

NB All connections at work go through ms proxy 2.0

The problem I having is that when I access the server from a machine a work
using a different ISP I find
always works, but

inevitably fails with

10061 Connection refused

being reported by Microsoft proxy server v2.0

Occasionally I am successfully able to connect to the page and have seen the
problem occurring on colleges machines who try to access the server.

what Can I do to resolve this problem ?
Please reply via my work email id


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