obtaining glyph indices for a text string in DrvTextOut

According to documentation ‘lpwzOrg’ member in STROBJ structure contains Unicode characters representing the string to output. However the documentation also says that ‘lpwzOrg’ can be NULL some cases (such as journaling with printer fonts), but it doesn’t go into details. For example, it is not clear what is the behavior if the associated font does not contain a valid Unicode cmap (e.g. for some symbol fonts which don’t have 3 0 cmap, etc).

So my question is what is the proper way to obtain a glyph indices for text that needs to be rendered using DrvTextOut (e.g. if ‘lpwzOrg’ is NULL). I don’t need to access glyph paths/images through GDI (which are handled using driver’s owen font engine), but I do need to get a glyph index in order to access the correct glyph in the associated font.

Not totally mean to bump on this post. I’m still having very tough luck searching through the archives or understand what the documentation is saying as described in the first post of the thread. Much appreciated if there are some pointers.