[NTDEV] Using a .Lib with Ndis Drivers.

Hi all,
I am working on the NDIS Miniport Driver for (Windows 9x).I use a
available library for encryption. I compile my code with this library and
so i get access to all the functions in library.
While testing i found that when I starts three sessions of ping and then
initiate the instance of my application (which uses this driver) The 95
system crashes.I was able to locate the function that is creating the
trouble .I was able to see that the parameters passed to this function is
at both the instances (when the system crashes and when the system does
I reviewed the code for the library and found that it was using some C
Runtime library functions.Moreover it uses a operaters like “/” (for
division) and all .

I have two questions :
1> Does using C Runtime Library functions like this can cause some
Syncrhonization issue .
2> Does the “/” Operator boils down to some Floating point arithmetic (that
is not allowed in Kernal Mode) or it depends on the type of the variables