NT System Memory Map?

I’m looking for a good system memory map of Windows NT (4.0, but I doubt it
changed much in 2000).

For example, the SoftICE User’s Guide has a pretty good one on page 166 of
the new manual, however, it’s not as accurate as I’d like and it is not
quite right in other places. Typical entries are:
– System Code 0x80000000 - 0x9FFFFFFF (Boot Drivers, NTOSKRNL, HAL,
– Processor Control 0xFFDFF000 - 0xFFFFFFFF (Processor Control

Does anyone have anything like this?

What I want to be able to do is to take an address, say, 0xD1234567, and be
able to look up that that’s in the Cache Manager Mapping Area.

Any pointers would be very appreciated!

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