Notebook ACPI fan control

Hi all,

First of all, allow me to appologize for all the ignorance my post will display. I am an electronics engineer that tries to steer clear of software as much as he can.

Thing is, I’m currently having a problem that I can fix in hardware but a software solution would be much more marketable. Basically, I’m in the bussines of replacing and upgrading notebook graphics cards. One of the many problems I face is that the fan system often won’t react to a new card. As far as I understand, this is most likely because the system tries to read GPU temperature from a register that is GPU specific and can change between vendors or generations. My understanding is that this is steered by ACPI/dsdt tables. I had a peek at the dsdt files of my own notebook, but this stuff basically flies way over my head.

So, I would like to know if I am least on the righ track? And how complex is this stuff? Basically, I would like to know how much money I need to spend to get this solved or for someone to explain to me how I can change this stuff myself…

Thanks for your time,

Kris Verbeeck
MXM Upgrade