No MOUSE MOVE action in kernel mode?

Hi Experts,
DDK head files.But cannot find definition of MOUSE MOVE.How to produce
mouse move action in kernel mode?
BTW,How to exactly realize mouse actions like double click,drag,etc,?
I cannot find those in mouser sample in DDK.
Could you advice?


You need to be in a pnp device stack which is installed under the “Mice
and other pointing devices” class. This will layer mouclass on top of
your driver. You report mouse movement by filling in the LastX and
LastY fields of the MOUSE_INPUT_DATA you report in the service callback.
Mouser shows this.

Double click, drag, other actions etc are performed at a higher layer.
These are all windowing concepts. The mouse driver just reports raw
data and the windowing layer translates the raw data into actions.