No attachments allowed

Dear WinDbg Mailing List Member,

Effective immediately, attachments of any kind will no longer be allowed in
postings to this list. If you try to post a message with an attachment,
your posting be rejected by the list server and you will receive an
explanatory message.

No attachments means precisely what it says: NO attachments. No vcards, no
cute signature attachments, no word documents. Nothing. Full stop.

Note that our stopping attachments or viruses on this list is done on a
“best effort” basis. We can’t, and don’t, guarantee that all messages will
be virus free. If for some reason you DO get an attachment, DON’T open it,
and please let the list managers know.

We regret having to take this action, but we feel that this is in
everyone’s best interest.

OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc.
WinDbg List Slave