Newbie Needs Help - Direction

I need to build a post script print driver (non-virtual) that pulls an xml manifest from a
server on our intranet and then displays custom options in the print dialog.

In other words, I need to customize an area of a post script print driver
dialog box to collect user info, before sending the print job and of course
send the collected variables along with the print job.

How do you suggest I go about this?
Are there any drivers in the wdk I should use as the base code?

One more thing I should mention… I am a senior C# coder, I have never built
a driver before, and I realize I must learn C/C++

I would appreciate some guidance in the right direction

Thanks in advance…

This is a pretty active forum for no help what so ever! Nobody helps the new guys?

It’s not that we’re not interested in helping noobs… The problem is “printer drivers” are a very unique area, and not many of us here know anything about them. At all.

IIRC, everything you want to do is actually done in user mode. And user mode programming isn’t what most of us here know much about.

So, we’re not gratuitously ignoring you :slight_smile: We (at least *I*) have no idea as to the answer to your question.