new network card with existing NDIS IM installation issue


I am experiencing varying behavior after installing a second network
card on a machine (running win2k SP2) that already has my NDIS IM driver
bound to the first network adapter. Most of the time, the result is that
my NDIS IM driver binds to the new network adapter. This is the behavior
I expect, however not always the outcome I get. Does the bind engine
expect me to first uninstall the NDIS IM driver, install the second
network adapter, and then re-install my IM driver?

The sequence of steps are:

  1. My machine with a single network card is happily running with my NDIS
    IM driver.
  2. Power down the machine.
  3. Insert new card and power back up.
  4. win2k automatically installs the driver for my new network card.

I am tracking the behavior by monitoring Network adapters in the device
manager as well as by constructing the protocol stack binding path using
registry information. In addition to the outcome I expect, I have
observed the following results:

  1. The NDIS IM driver is not bound to the new network adapter. I was
    able to correct this by disabling/enabling the new adapter via the NCPA.

  2. The installation of the new network card (from step 4 above) appears
    ok, but upon reboot the machine hangs before win2k displays the desktop

  3. The new network adapter does not have a it’s own entry under Network
    adapters in the device manager. The entry that represents the new
    adapter has the same name as my NDIS IM device.

Typically, the new adapter has an entry (e.g. NETGEAR FA311 Fast
Ethernet PCI Adapter) and then the entry for my NDIS IM device is the
new adapter’s name with my name appended to it (eg. NETGEAR FA311 Fast
Ethernet PCI Adapter - My Driver Name).

Any advice? Any tips how to debug this type of problem? My NDIS IM
driver was originally installed using snetcfg.


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