Network Adapter issue with Realtek USB Gbe family controller

I have been dealing with this problem for a few months now. It began when I thought it was a problem with the Network adapter itself. Quick synopsis: I have Gigabit fiber entering my home. I connected an RJ45 adapter to the wall panel and placed an ethernet switch to wire my TV and to also wire my laptop (Dell XPS 15 9500 32 Gb RAM Intel(R) CORE ™ CPU i7-7700 HQ @ 2.8 Ghz). Wall outlet RJ 45 cat8 cable to the ethernet switch. Then the ethernet Switch to the LG TV , and the switch to my laptop (all ethnet plus are cat 8). At first I was getting 948 Mbps download and 902 Mbps Upload speeds when my ISP came and connect my internet to my home which was new at the time (moved in 10/7/18). I need a very low latency connection because i trade momentum stocks for a living now. Slowly overtime my ethernet connection through my network adapter would just drop off. I would unplug it from the USB-C and reconnect and it worked. then a few days later it would drop off again. I tried replacing the Network adapter with one which stated no driver was necessary for an connection. It worked for a few days and then dropped off. During this, my speeds were beginning to deteriorate. 948 DL became 840 DL and 902 UL became 750 UL. I troubleshooted with windows because I upgraded to Win 10 Pro for bitlock but they assured me that was not the problem. I went on Dell’s website and updated my BIOS which helped for a few days and then the same old problem. I then decided to manual input IPv4 properties with my IP address, subnet, gateway IP and network IP (forget about IPv6). This once again worked for a few days before ultimately I was back to square one again. Next I contacted my ISP, AT&T, and discussed the issue I was having. They put me through to a tech individual and he remotely took control of my machine and I watched him for two hours do all the things I had already done, except for using Google’s IP address. After he failed, I was directed to someone who reset everything on their end, and I was back working again…for 4-5 hours. then I was dropped from the network again. AT&T sent me a new modem/router combo to do a switch out. It worked! two days later dropped again. At this point in time when I was able to remain wired to my laptop my DL and UL speeds were 385 Mbps and 250 Mbps, respectively. They then sent out a tech who was at my home for four hours and could not fix the problem. If anything, he made it worse. In my master bedroom where one of my LG TV’s is wired to the internet, it could not get back online. The tech said he would return the next day with his manager with a company laptop. When they came and wired their company laptop, which was a DELL, using Microsoft edge browser, they were able to get 940 DL and 820 UL speeds. I asked the tech if he would be so kind to use his company laptop to test my speeds where I placed RJ45 adapters in the wall within the rooms where you are most likely wanting a wired connection and the DL and UL speeds were 650 & 350! This is a brand new house. Whomever did the wiring to create a ‘wired home’ for smart home features obviously did something wrong. I don’t know if they used single stranded or multi stranded Cat5e wires? They also didn’t run two wires down the wall where you would hook a fax or phone up. Now in those rooms I can either receive data or phone/fax, but not both. I also purchased eero routers in place of the AT&T modem/router combo, but that wasn’t the problem because the tech and myself tested the speeds without the eeros connected. I did set the eeros up with an IP Passthrough. But even with all this I still don’t understand why I can’t connect the network adapter to the USB-C and get a wired connection, no matter how crappy the speed is currently (250 DL and 125 UL)? Of course I brought the awful wired home connection complaints to the warranty department for my home builder and the lady had the audacity to just blame AT&T, WITHOUT even coming here to check it out! Nobody takes any pride in their workmanship these days. I practiced medicine for twelve years before switching to stocks. I went through every single patient’s files TWICE each day. I hope someone can help me because I have been dealing with this for six weeks. I am a very patient, laid back individual, but you reach a point where enough is enough. My limited computer knowledge has taken me as far as I can go, and I can’t get answers from any companies. You are my last hope. No pressure!

Darin Miller

No one here is going to be able to help you. We’re not an IT team. I would point out, however, that fiber providers do not provide quality-of-service guarantees for home service. When they say “gigabit fiber”, that’s just their artificial bandwidth cap. You are still sharing bandwidth with everyone else in your neighborhood, and if someone else starts streaming, your bandwidth will go down. If you need guaranteed quality of service, then you need to get a business line.

Have you tried doing transfers between computers in your house to see if your base network performance matches the performance to the outside?

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