NetAdapterCx: Creating multiple NetAdapters for multi-connector NIC

Environment: Windows 10, Kernel Driver KMDF 1.31, NetAdapter 2.0.
I am designing a PCIe HW card that has multiple Ethernet connectors. We followed the instructions on how to create a driver using the Network Adapter WDF Class Extension (NetAdapterCx) and based our design on the example RtEthSample. INF has entry NumberOfNetworkInterfaces = 2
The 1st NetAdapter created functions correctly (ie we can communicate with network devices). The other NetAdapter created is partially functional under Windows 10. I cannot see the 2nd adapter under Windows’ Network Connections so I cannot edit any properties for that 2nd adapter (ie. force an IP address, use DHCP etc.). On the other hand, I do see both “NetAdapters’ under Windows’ Network Status menu and the 2nd adapter is assigned an IP address. If the IP address does not conflict, I can communicate with network devices on that 2nd adapter.

I can’t seem to find what I am doing wrong to have such a behavior. We hope somebody can help.

What shows in device manager?

I see a single device under Network Adapters, which I assume is correct since I have a single WDFDRIVER/WDFDEVICE
PCIe device = Network Adapter WDFDEVICE, which will create 2 NetAdapters.

Usually, multi-port network adapters appear as multiple devices


MBond2, can you confirm that this Cisco driver is using NetAdapterCx and not NDIS miniports?

I have no idea. This is just something in a machine I happen to have. A Cisco branded Intel x710 dual port adapter.

I downloaded the Cisco driver and checked the inf and the entry NumberOfNetworkInterfaces is not there. With my driver, if I remove the entry, only 1 network adapter is seen under Windows, while setting the value NumberOfNetworkInterfaces = 2, I get 2 network adapters, but where the 2nd one cannot be configured. This entry is mandatory to get multiple NetAdapters from a single board.