Need some guidance on accessing I2C interface of WDDM display miniport driver

I want to access I2C bus on graphic cards, after doing some research I wrote an upper-filter driver for the \Device\Dxgkrnl device, to intercept the DxgkInitialize call, and get the I2C interface of display miniport driver.

Now I'm facing two problems:

  1. Intel's driver doesn't allow communication to I2C address other than 0x6e, I tried 0xa0 to read EDID, STATUS_GRAPHICS_I2C_DEVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST is always returned, while STATUS_SUCCESS is returned for 0x6e. Is it possible to circumvent this artifical restriction, e.g. by patching the driver?

  2. AMD's driver doesn't even send the IRP request to obtain the address of DxgkInitialize, how is this even possible?

For some reason I don't care about Nvidia, I really hope to get it to work with at least one of Intel/AMD.