Need some advice on a USB Driver that BSOD's only on boot

Hi all -

I am currently developing a USB Function Driver, and am currently in debug
test phase. Currently, if I have the device plugged in and powered on and I
boot the host computer I will get a BSOD with a


Address 8046749B Base @ 80400000

data Stamp 384d9b17 ntoskernl.exe

I think my driver AddDevice routine is doing something the system that is
exposed primarily on boot. My AddDevice is getting called, and succeeding
(i.e. My DebugPrint calls in the AddDevice successfully show a the
configured USB device)

If I boot the driver with the power off, then turn the camera on all is
fine, the PnP manager sees the device, loads my driver, executes AddDevice
and there is no BSOD.

Any Ideas ???

Thanks in advance