Need Help to Write Reparse Point Driver

After reading microsoft Single Instance Store(SIS) document, I believe Ravi
is right. Every driver has its purpose, it is danger to use it without
knowing detail. Even you know how to use, if they make any modification it
might cause problem to you. I will give up this idea from marketing group’s
suggestion. I will write my own filter driver.
Right now I need help from you. Does any one has experience post any message
for me? I need to know:

  1. How to prepare the stub file. As I know I need to have the reparse point
    tag and GUID and prepare a REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER. Using DeviceIoControl
    to send FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT function, right?
  2. What the filter driver needs to set in order for system to pass
    REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER to this filter driver. This is not document
    clearly in the filter driver.

Thank you for any help.
“David J. Craig” wrote in message
> Run. With a customer that stupid and obstinate, you will just work and
> work and never get paid. If you have to do it, make sure they pay at
> least weekly and the checks clear before you get more than two weeks of
> effort into this.
> “fc” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntfsd…
>> Ravi,
>> Thank you for the message. Yes, you are right. none of the below tags
>> will not redirect remotely. I know it needs to have the filter driver to
>> intercept its reparse point. However the customer will not accept it.
>> What should I do?
>> Fred
>> “Ravisankar Pudipeddi” wrote in message
>> news:xxxxx@ntfsd…
>> This is not a good idea. You can’t just re-use an existing filter
>> without knowing the full consequences.
>> By the way, none of the below tags will redirect remotely.
>> Ravi
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>> Subject: [ntfsd] Help:Do Reparse Point Without Creating Filter Driver?
>> I have a project that will move the file to remote system and create a
>> small stub file at local volume. When user open that file it will open
>> remotely.
>> As I know I can do it with a filter driver but my company does not like
>> the filter driver idea because customer does like it. Does any one have
>> any idea to do it without create the filter driver?
>> One way I am thinking about is to use Microsoft’s reparse point tag such
>> as
>> But the problem is Microsoft does not publish the data structure of
>> REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER for those tag. If any one know about the
>> structure of those tag or know how to open the stub file will open
>> remotely without filter driver, please let me know. Thank you in
>> advance.
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