NdisTestTool can get CNDTBindingManager::NdisUnbindAdapterWrapper completed and does not progress

I contact this forum to get some help regarding a Mobile Broadband Power
test issue on Windows7 x64 platform. We are in a situation, that we
spend a lot of time certifying our Mobile Broadband driver

on that OS architecture, because of a power test (one of the Mobile
Broadband tests) that does not progress. On the other hand on Windows7
x32 platform, I don’t encounter that problem at all. I would like to
know wether or not, this issue might be driver related or not how I can
overcome it or work-round it?

The log below tells me that the Ndistest (version 6.5.0001) initiates an
unbind NDTInitiateUnbindFromAdapterEnte ( see line 1701) that can not
be completed ( see line 1704) . NdisTest retries to unbind, but it does
not happen and causes the NDIS test doesn’t progress any more.

Apparently, there is a great dependency of laptop brand/type on some
equipped with Windows7 build 7229, x64 I encounter the problem after the
first download, on the contrary, on others equipped with the same OS, I
almost don’t have that problem and can pass the test.

Mostly I encounter the problem happens after a standby or hibernate and
after a successful web download (see extract log below) and concerned
test does not progress any more

00001700 5:10:05.296 AM [2744] WWanTestBase::DataTransferTA:
Successfully download from web

00001701 5:10:05.312 AM
CNDTSolicitedBindingManager::NDTInitiateUnbindFromAdapterEnter protocol
unbind call function

00001702 5:10:05.312 AM

00001703 5:10:05.328 AM [2744]
NdisStatusIndicationMonitor::GetStatusIndications: Monitor is not
running, bailing out

00001704 5:11:05.328 AM
[CNDTBindingManager::NdisUnbindAdapterWrapper] Unbind not completed

00001705 5:12:05.328 AM
[CNDTBindingManager::NdisUnbindAdapterWrapper] Unbind not completed yet.
This can happen as NDIS may drop thr request. Calling NdisUnbindAdapter

00001706 5:12:05.328 AM
[CNDTBindingManager::NdisUnbindAdapterWrapper] NdisUnbindAdapter
returned Status = 0x00000000

Regarding potential pending IRP’s I can say there is only one read IRP
pending at the moment of the unbind.

Is it possible to give us some help in order to overcome that issue?